DUPLICATENCES/NEW TEXTAMENT by poeter c. siegl and Sheida Samyi: The text based art duo poeter c. siegl (artist of conflict) and Sheida Samyi (computerartist/textartist) have invented a worldwide new form of arttext called duplicatences , which you can read from all sides.The way of presentation is mainly based on the concept of carving the text out the wall, filling up cubes made of glass with the resulted dust heap, which is making this unreadable text standing in contrast to the duplicatences .In combination with NOISIA MEN and the BlueMoonTheater projected arttext formations regulated by a computer are floating along the walls.

Is it real love, or just a date, Sheida Samyi?

Yes, I love to work with unusual imagery. I combine them with text. The image tells a story, the words do too, and together it´s yet another story. It´s a work against prejudice at first sight. In everything I do you find double meanings, in every painting, in my poems, in my computerart and very obviously in the textproject duplicatences, which is a worldwide new form of art text that can be read from either side. With this special typeface you can even change the language within one word. From German to English, to Spanish , to French and so on. My partner poeter c. siegl and I have been working on this project since 1996. Right now I mainly concentrate on the duplicatence book“ Kunst ist am Ende – Ende nie ist Kunst“ (art is at its end – art never ends), the so called New Textament. My biggest intention is to force people in some way to look more closely, to pay more attention, and so to find out that there are more than two ways of seeing one colour, one face, one word…one world.

Sheida Samyi, half iranian, born in august 1966, in Austria. Studies in marine biology. Computer artist and painter. Graphic design education in New York and Los Angeles (Parsons school of Design and School of Visual Arts). Since 1996 conceptualizer and art director of the project DUPLICATENCES together with poeter c.siegl. 1994- 2000 several exhibitions and installations in Vienna, London, New York. Creation of the first book you can read from both sides, with the title art is at its end – art never ends. (magazine AHEAD 2000)aloneweb